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Fast Track Approvals Bill – KiC's submission

After some weeks of time, passion, and mahi, a small working group has crafted and submitted our network's official submission on the Fast Track Approvals Bill. 

KiC strongly opposes the Fast Track Approvals Bill.

The submission articulates our concerns on the democratic legitimacy of the bill, the considerable risks it poses to the economic and environmental future of Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as offering key recommendations for remedying these risks.

Members had the opportunity to review and feedback, in both draft and final phases, and contributed some invaluable additions and perspectives, which were integrated into the final document.

“Kiwis in Climate strongly believe that, despite its ability to accelerate the deployment of critical infrastructure and renewable power generation, this Bill has the potential to substantially undermine Aotearoa’s decarbonisation efforts as it fails to take account for climate-related risks and impacts and ignores environmental issues. It cannot, and must not, proceed in its current draft form.”

This submission is a great example how KiC can actualise the passion within our membership, leveraging our combined expertise and collaboration to create robust, impactful advocacy.  


It's not too late to craft your own personal submission – the deadline is midnight Friday 19 April (NZT). Go to to have your say.

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