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Giving voice to our concerns

Updated: Jun 9

This afternoon, Kiwis in Climate presented our oral submission to the Environment Select Committee on the Fast Track Approvals Bill.

As a diverse group made up of climate scientists, engineers, lawyers, consultants, and many other disciplines, Kiwis in Climate represents a range of views across industries and sectors that deal with development, infrastructure and the environment.

We recognise the need to improve processes and efficiencies in the development process, however firmly believe that shortcutting or excluding considerations for climate and nature will only create greater damage in the long run, both to our environment and to balance sheets. Responsible, sustainable development that protects te taiao is in all our interests.

"If we are concerned about delaying projects, I think we need to be equally and moreso concerned about progressing the wrong projects"

Olaf Adam, Kiwis in Climate

This was a milestone for Kiwis in Climate's advocacy mahi – being selected for oral submission to the select committee is certainly a measure of the rigour of our submission, and the importance of our network's voice.

A huge mihi to the volunteer members who put together this submission on behalf of our network, as well as the thousands of other individuals and organisations who have engaged on this critical piece of legislation that will impact all New Zealanders.

Watch a clip of the KiC Oral Submission below, or watch a range of all the submissions at (KiC starts at 1 hr 55)


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