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In memory of Rod Oram

"The planet and humanity has lost a true hero, but he's left a template for how we can keep the truth alive with authenticity and love!"

Rod and KiC members at COP28

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of one of our dear members, Rod Oram.

The flowing tributes hold Rod up as an almighty hero for the Aotearoa climate movement, an astute and articulate journalist, and above all, a gentleman who gave his kindness, time, and mentorship generously.

Rod is widely admired across our KiC whānau and was a personal friend and mentor to many. Rod was part of the KiC contingent at multiple COPs, including last year where we enjoyed a lively kōrero over dinner (photo).

Below is a collection of heartfelt memories and stories from our members. May these tributes be a source of strength and inspiration for continuing his legacy.

Our thoughts are with all who know and love Rod.

(please click on quotes to expand)

"We have lost a luminary in the climate space - an eloquent, generous, compassionate and stellar human."
"Thank you Rod for all you brought to this blue marble we call earth."

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