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KiC From the Feed - April/May2024

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Kia ora,

It has been a busy few months for Kiwis in Climate. So, we decided to round-up some of the most thought provoking conversations, news items, resources and jobs that have been shared across our channels in April and May.

Let us know what you think of this round-up, and reach out if there is any content you would like to see in the future by emailing:

Kicking things off, Kiwis in Climate members shared some photos and videos of Aotearoa’s manu and nature for Kiwis abroad who are missing home

1. Kōtare / Kingfisher on electric line - from Izzy Fenwick. 2. Feijoas!! 3. Pūteketeke/ Great Crested Grebe, the 'bird of the century' taken by Chloe Harris.

Up close with a Kererū – and that unmistakeable sound! From Ben Copsey


April & May Climate News

Climate news has been significant these past two months. James Shaw finished his time at parliament, methane targets are being reviewed, and EVs are booming. See below for links to these stories and more. 

Swiss women win landmark climate victory at human rights court: The European Court of Human Rights found that the Swiss pensioners' rights to a private and family life were violated by their governments insufficient action to tackle climate change. (Reuters, April 9)

  • Professor Peel's summary of the significance of the judgement: 

"..The case points to the ways in which inadequate action by governments to mitigate climate change can be linked to impacts that result in actionable human rights' violations…this ruling offers the prospect of citizens holding their governments accountable where they fail to do enough to safeguard those citizens against climate-related harm.” 

New Zealand’s Methane Targets to be independently reviewed: On the 6th of April, Climate Change and Agricultural Ministers announced that an independent panel of experts will review agricultural biogenic methane science and targets for consistency with no additional warming. (The Beehive, 6 April)

There is a concern among some that if the panel recommends a move away from using the existing GWP* methodology to set targets, this could dilute their integrity and short-change NZ’s climate plan.  Bernard Hickey commented on this in The Kaka:

“..Opponents of shifting the goalpost argue that by taking current levels of methane emissions as their baseline, high-polluting countries and companies can use GWP* to present even minor reductions in methane as negative emissions or cooling.” (Bernard Hickey, The Kaka, April 7)

Further discussions were undertaken in the The Kiwis in Climate community around what should be considered a scientifically sound measure, global equity, and the Climate Change Commission. Further resources were shared: 

The Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) foreshadowing a move away from its hard line on offsetting:  “On Tuesday, the SBTi board of trustees released plans to allow carbon credits in their net zero standard by permitting companies to use them to offset emissions from their supply chains” (The Guardian, April 11).


EVs are booming but electric bikes are really cutting emissions: "Electric bikes are displacing 4 times as much oil as electric bikes" (The Guardian, April 10)

Read BloombergNEF’s Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023 here

600 Ha of public land in Nelson planned for transition and reforestation (Shape Nelson,)


Climate Minister, Simon Watts now in cabinet (RNZ, April 24)


James Shaw says goodbye to Parliament: “The outgoing Green MP reflects on his time in Parliament, and what it would take to strengthen New Zealand’s climate change commitments, in a Revealing interview with Q&A.” (Q&A with Jack Tame) 


 Resources & Sources

Across the Kiwis in Climate Whatsapp, people have supported each other by sharing links to resources and courses. See the collection of resources from April and May below:

IPCC Explainer: Climate Change Synthesis Report: “A visual tour of what you need to know from the IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report cycle (2021-2023)”

"The final installation of John’s four-part infographic series helps you avoid the heavy lifting." (John Lang, March 19, Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit)

Are we all Doomed - Are we all doomed, how to cope with the daunting uncertainties of climate change:  "It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the damage that might be wrought by global warming — but that is missing the point."

An article relating to our emotions are linked to climate change and how to cope. (Nature, Adam Sobel, March 2024)

Recloaking Papatuanuku: Infographic outlining Pure advantage's target and strategy  to reforest 2 million hectares of Aotearoa in indigenous plantings. (Pure Advantage)

Op-Ed - An obscure climate accounting decision with billion-dollar consequences:  "For a country that trades on its green brand and reputation as a trustworthy international counterpart, there is no realistic alternative but to follow through on our climate commitments. Failure to do so would have serious financial risks."(Newsroom, Rob Morrison, Dr Christina Hood, 6 May)



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